Glo-worm - glimmer

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What better way to appease a child’s fear of the dark than to create a toy that was part night light, part plushy toy? Toy designers looked no further than the beautiful wonder of bioluminescence, and Hasbro mulled over their options before deciding upon the larvae of the fungus gnat, also known as a glow worm. There is nothing particularly cuddly about a stinging jellyfish, after all, but a cartoon-like larvae wearing a night cap and pajamas? Eureka!

The toy line was revived in 1997, but these toys proved unpopular and were discontinued in 1999. The brand saw a more popular revival in 2003 with toys that more closely resembled the original toy line, [3] which sold approximately 100 million pony toys globally by 2010. [4] Hasbro launched the fourth incarnation of the franchise in 2010 , which started with the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic . The brand grossed over US$1 billion annually in retail sales in 2015 [5] and 2014, [6] [7] and US$650 million in retail sales in 2013. [8]

Glo-worm - GlimmerGlo-worm - GlimmerGlo-worm - GlimmerGlo-worm - Glimmer